The Golden Fleece

Sir William Vaughan is noted historically as a prolific writer. One of the best known of his published works is The Golden Fleece, published in 1626, in which he discusses his beloved Cambriol in Newfoundland.


Articles regarding Sir William's Writings

Stephen Nolan, The NEWLANDERS CURE by William Vaughan: A Review

Anne Charlton, An example of health education in the early 17th century: Naturall and artificial Directions for Health by William Vaughan

Books Relating to America, The North-American Review and Miscellaneous Journal, Vol. 4, No. 12 (Mar., 1817), pp.289-295

Complete List of Published Works

’Ερωτοπαιγνιον pium (London, 1597)

’Ερωτοπαιγνιον pium: Pars secunda (London, 1598)

Poematum libellus (London, 1598)

Speculum humane condicionis (London, 1598)

The Golden Grove (London, 1600; 2d ed. 1608)

Natural and Artificiall Directions for Health (London, 1600; 2d ed., 1602; 3d ed., 1607)

Approved Directions for Health (4th ed., 1612)

Directions for Health (5th ed., 1617; 6th ed., 1626; 7th ed., 1633)

The Spirit of Detraction Conjured and Convicted in Seven Circles (London, 1611; another issue, with the title The Arraignment of Slander, 1630)

Cambrensium Caroleia (London, 1625, another issue, 1630)

The Golden Fleece [Orpheus Junior, pseud.] (London, 1626)

The Newlanders Cure (London, 1630)

The Church Militant (London, 1640)

The Soules Exercise (London, 1641